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The Lowdowns THIS 10¢ LIFE / CD Digipak - OUT OF PRINT

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Image of The Lowdowns THIS 10¢ LIFE  / CD Digipak - OUT OF PRINT
  • Image of The Lowdowns THIS 10¢ LIFE  / CD Digipak - OUT OF PRINT
  • Image of The Lowdowns THIS 10¢ LIFE  / CD Digipak - OUT OF PRINT

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1. Aggravated
2. Nice Way
3. Girls Like You
4. Hang On
5. Maximus
6. Phobia
7. Nothing Real
8. Stone Cold
9. LiGHT Of Day
10. Looking For You

From the Ashes of San Francisco, CA. hail the underdogs
of Punk Rock and Roll, “The Lowdowns”.

After 20 yrs. they are releasing “This 10¢ Life”, with a
solid one-two punch! Their last LP “Digging a Hole in
the Middle of the World” was released on Junk records
in 1994.

The Lowdowns:
Brian Lowdown Girton - vocals
John Spaw (Cold Bones, Stella Royale) – rhythm/lead guitar
Todd Schneider (Colby & The Feldman’s, The Plaids)- guitar
Dave Craig (Cold Bones, Stella Royale) - bass
Greg Utter McEntee (Swingin' Utters, Viva Hate, U.S. Bombs,
One Man Army, Lustkillers, Tiger Army, Reducers SF, Candy From
Strangers, Shadowboxer, Romeo's Dead, Johnny Dilks & His Visitacion
Valley Boys, Deadbolt) – drums

Formed on Haight & Divisidero in 92’ they have opened up/played with
bands such as: Swingin’ Utters, Dropkick Murphy’s, Agent Orange, U.S
Bombs, The Stitches, The Weirdos, The Humpers, The Bodies,
Screaming Bloody Marys, Spitakiss, Teen Generate & The Generators

They have been featured on a plethera of compilations
over the years keeping THE LOWDOWNS name in
their fans eyes released by such companies as Junk
Records, Side One Dummy, IFA and a whole lot more!
'Diggin a Hole In The Middle Of the World' LP/CD / Junk Records 97’
'Greetings from Northern California' 7", 33 RPM,
EP split on SideOneDummy Records 1996
'Violence Is Fun' 7" on IFA Records 1996
7" on Girl in Garage Records1994
'Backstreets of American OI! And Street Punk Vol2' CD
compilation on Street Anthem Records 2007
'Old Skars and Upstarts' CD compilation on Alive
Records 1999
'Goin' After Pussy, Teasers & Tidbits' CD compilation on Junk Records
'I've Got My Friends, Boston/San Francisco' CD compilation / Flat Rec
'Punk Nation Unification' CD compilation on Nefer Records 1996

The Lowdowns featured on front cover of Maximum Rock N Roll-MRR
My White Bread Mom, The Queen B’s, Electric Frankenstein,
Turtlehead (UK), Serpico, Trick Babys, In/humanity, Stains (UK),
Lowdowns, Varukers, Pist, Terrible Virtue, Beatnik Termites (exam for
bass player), “The Hardcore Films of Richard Kern.”-Interviewed by:
Bruce Roehrs R.I.P

Band Influences:
Dead Boys / New York Dolls / The Weirdos / Anti Nowhere
League / Dr. Feelgood / The Cramps / The Seeds / The Damned