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RetroMotive / Corpses & Tightrope Walkers / LP: Cassette


Image of RetroMotive / Corpses & Tightrope Walkers / LP: Cassette
  • Image of RetroMotive / Corpses & Tightrope Walkers / LP: Cassette

cat# OPR0002
Release date: 10/01/1998
Label: Orange Peal Records

1. Blind In A Forest Of Chimes
2. Depression's Spoon
3. His Hands Are Mine
4. Puppet Soul
5. Snake Charmer
6. Boatswain

1. Jungle Sky
2. Broken Man
3. Timid Angel
4. Birth Of A Goddess
5. Don't Fear The Reaper
6. Visions Of Grey

"This album is a marvelous debut that shows the Retromotive experience in its basics. The sultry notes of this album are a medataionists paradise; full of subtle and seemless ballads. Of Retromotives fifty some songs, these twelve will wet your appetite for the rest. And for the time being, the way to do this is during a live show. And as much as this album is soothing and escapist, the live show is thrilling and exasperating. To the band, if you learn to transform your live performances to the disk, you will provide your listeners with the essence of your talents. To the listeners, hope that they accomplish this. Sell us more dope music please." - Laurie Anderson, Amazon Customer Reviews


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