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Iguana Jive / Off The Floor / LP: Cassette


Image of Iguana Jive / Off The Floor / LP: Cassette
  • Image of Iguana Jive / Off The Floor / LP: Cassette

cat# MDR800010
Release date: 05/04/1996
Label: Maddog Records II

1. Be Around
2. Blinded View
3. Slipped Away
4. Machine Gun Blast
5. Wheel
6. Blue

1. Wish
2. Goodbye
3. Cover Me
4. Vision
5. More Than Meets The Eye

From the band's conception in 1993, Iguana Jive developed into a dynamic four piece, mixing elements of pop, grunge, rock, and blues. They have been described as an eclectic music mix displaying powerful energy and soulful rhythm. Uniquely balancing a driving rhythm section with a bounty of vocal harmony and melody, Iguana Jive has produced a rich blend of songs ranging from the fast and furious to more subtle grooves almost hypnotic in feel. Signed with indie record label Maddog Records in 1995. Iguana Jive is recorded & released their debut album titled Off The Floor May 4th 1996 which was recorded live at A&M Studios!


"revved up guitars and tuff vocals of Iguana Jive s cool vocal harmonies and melodic guitars." --Bret's Ramblings, 1998

"Iguana Jive Off the Floor Maddog Records II Driven by harmonized vocals, heavy-handed percussion and tough-guy guitar solos, Iguana Jive's Off the Floor relies on the brand of good-time rock & roll played at fraternity barbecues or in the background during beer-drinking games. Guitarist Ted Welty pens catchy but lackluster rock tunes with an emphasis on guitar hooks and weaving melodic solos. Bruce Hornsby­imitation piano strains in both "Blue" and "Cover Me" add potency to the standard array of lead guitar, rhythm guitar and gruff vocals. The band wanders into blues territory with "More Than Meets the Eye," which is broken up with random commentary ("I eat grilled cheese and salami and still live with my mommy") and exits on a solid rock note." --San Jose Metro Newspaper 1996, Bernice Yeung


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