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Hot Laundry - Mega Magnet


Image of Hot Laundry - Mega Magnet

Hot Laundry Mega Magnet! It’s a huge magnet and it wants to stick to things like your fridge or your mini fridge.

The Big Muff fuzz pedal is one of greatest things ever. Bass Fuzz, it’s our thing, it’s what we do. Set at a magnetized price of $10 plus shipping.

Material: Magnet
One Size: 4 inches x 5.5 inches
Round edges for polish finish
Pink and Black print
Sticks to metal because it’s a magnet


NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: We are not going to charge the full amount on pricing and paying some of it with you. (We don't control the prices, we ship first class mail and the POST OFFICE prices are crap. If you buy more than one item we eat some of the shipping prices. We do what we can as an indie label and do dred charging what it costs. So thank you and we make to include extra stickers and other stuff laying around to make it worth your price and wait. Thank you from all of us at Die Laughing Records and the bands we work with!)