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Screaming Bloody Marys / Get In, Get Off, Get Out...Get More! / CD Digipak

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NOTE: Limited First Edition: hand numbered - 200 copies. Some of the Limited First Edition’s have been signed inside the Digipak by band members.


Track Listing:
1 Ritalin
2 Green Light
3 Lady For Life
4 Here Before
5 Gone Gone Gone
6 Take Your Life
7 Telling Lies
8 Mota
9 Make You Mine
10 Johnny B Dead
11 Junior is a Friend of Mine
12 Train Wreck
13 Johnny Fuck’r Faster
14 Bloodbath
15 Dead ‘N Gone
16 Rebel Girl

1977 garage punk revivalists Screaming Bloody Marys whose
first go round was 1990 – 1996, responded to industry requests and reformed in January, 2015.

Members are founding guitarist Dave Dalton (Dick and Jane, The Unfortunate Bastard, Cell Block 5), lead guitarist, Juan Jesus (Mito, Amigos Loco), powerhouse vocalist Angelique X Stacy (Charm School Drop-Outs, Venus Bleeding), drummer Greg Langston (No Alternative, The Sea Hags, and The Next) and bassist Ian Larkin (The NERV).

“Get In, Get Off, Get Out … GET MORE!” rejuvenates the 1996 album with four fresh tracks showcasing the new line-up. East Bay Ray (Dead Kennedys) and Blag Dahlia (Dwarves) lend their skills to the already talent-packed Screaming Bloody Marys!

Angelique and Blag exhort us to fight our fear and grab life now in ‘Johnny Fuck’r Faster’ - dare to fall in love as war rages around us because life must go on! ‘Bloodbath’ limns a revenge fantasy and takes no prisoners!

Listen to this album as history unfolds and repeats and grows more relevant. The Screaming Bloody Marys are back and they’re here to stay!

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