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Dick and Jane / No Alternative LIVE AT GILMAN STREET 1989 (SPLIT)


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Dick and Jane
1. Fed Up!
2. Think About The Times
3. Nothin’
4 Hard-Boiled Dick!
5. Hard-Boiled Dick!: Ditto!
6. Let Them Eat Dick
7. The Fiddler’s Song
8. Sugar Daddy
9. Save Something!
10. Won’t Play The Fool
11. Earthquake
12. Palestine: Yours Or Mine?
13. The Bundster
14. War Victim
15. Pussy Cat
16. Don’t Go!

No Alternative
17. Make Guns Not Love
18. Damned To Hell
19. Meat House
20. Jezebel
21. Smoke-filled Rooms
22. Boy With A Needle
23. Right To Die

***THIS CD release will be the only place to find 3 previoulsy unreleased tracks from the headliner from the night these recordings at 924 Gilman took place in 1989. See the poster in the images section, we are not allowed to publish their name any other way.***

Dick and Jane:
Guitar, bass, drum machine, and hardcore spoken word.

Linda Xyz: Beats, lyrics, vocals
Roger Migdow: Guitar, vocals
Dave Dalton: Electric guitar, vocals

Formed in November, 1988. Dick and Jane have played shows
with some greats: Green Day, The Dwarves, the Melvins, The
Mentors, No Alternative, No Use for a Name and the late, great
Johnny Thunders.

Since their reincarnation in August 2013, they have played
throughout Northern California: The Uptown, 924 Gilman
Street, El Rio, Knockout, Slim’s, Submission, etc. with bands
such as MDC, No Alternative, VKTMS, Plan 9, THE NERV,
James McCartney, Vibrators, GRAVES (ex-Misfits), and Midge
Ure (Ultravox). Dick and Jane have been ramping up for
this release, booking already set up until middle of 2017.

No Alternative:
No Alternative formed in 1979 from the ashes of KGB
(San Francisco, 1978): guitarist Johnny Genocide (Offs),
bassist Jeff Rees (Assassins), guitarist Ron Ramos, added
drummer Greg Langston (Tuxedomoon).

They shared stages with Black Flag, The Lewd, Flipper, X,
VKTMS, Zeros, Offs, Crime, The Nuns, Cramps, Plugz, Toiling
Midgets, Seven Seconds, Dead Kennedys, Middle Class and
many more. They took a break in late 1982, reuniting in 1989
for a new record and shows.

This 1989 recording from Gilman Street Warehouse shows
a slightly different take on songs from their early days.

Johnny “Genocide” Patterson also formed Swingin’ Possums,
Peoples’ Temple, and The Watchmen as well as following a
solo career. Jeff Rees joined the Renegades (Wire Train),
The Matchheads and Fade to Black. Greg Langston has
drummed for Beast, Fang, Sea Hags, The Insaints, Offs,
and Hellbillys, Screaming Bloody Marys, among many others.