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BITE starring Chelsea Rose / TRACKS PAST & PRESENT / CD



(1) Electrify Me
(2) My Favorite Degenerates
(3) Fight The Fight
(4) Moto Psycho
(5) F*ck With You
(6) Dive Bar
(7) Cliff Diving ( Naked On Acid )
(8) Sin City
(9) Bad Girls ( Go To Hell )
(10) Aristocratic Pussycat

(11) Rubber Cement
(12) Bad Girls ( Go To Hell )
(13) Criminal Instinct
(14) Sin City

Fast, Loud, Sexy, Trashy, Down and Dirty Punk and Roll!” is what BITE is all about if you’re lucky enough to see them LIVE or to hear this album: “Tracks Past & Present”. There are studio recordings on the first (10) tracks and four (4) live recordings from some of their amazing shows.

BITE is a San Francisco based band starring Chelsea Rose (vocals) along with ripping guitar freak Keith Mueller, ultra-talented Jon Basmajian (bass) and hard-hitting Eric Borst (drums).

The record rings true to experiences in Chelsea’s life. “My Favorite Degenerates” tells about the motley crew of sinners and grifters, junkies and deadly dolls out for kicks that have been part of the band’s life over the years. “Gritty” and “Real Life” are words that come to mind and the CD can be listened to over and over.

“Fight The Fight” calls out the gentrification and greedy landlords that are ruining San Francisco by pricing out the elderly and families, a tragic pattern repeated throughout parts of the USA. Chelsea sings, “Gone is the city’s character, beneath the high rise building… I'm crass, but diversity is part of this town, punks and the working class.”

“Tracks Past & Present” covers many topics. The best way to experience it is to turn it up loud and really just listen to it! You’ll get the live experience of BITE and “Fast, Loud, Sexy, Trashy, Down and Dirty Punk and Roll!”

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